Unicode to Preeti Converter

Unicode to preeti is online text converter from Unicode to preeti

The Preeti font cannot be studied and input in Internet. In order to do input Preeti to internet it must converted to Unicode. This facility is easily available in Meropen.com. Meropen.com provides both Preeti to Unicode and Unicode to Preeti as vice versa. It’s essential to know the importance of Preeti font. The Unicode Nepali font input in the internet and websites cannot be used in book, magazines, booklets and other print items. For this Unicode Nepali font must converted to Preeti font. This Preeti font can be converted to other fonts in MS-Word and other software’s for beautiful layouts and design for the printing and publishing including the presentations. The social media networks don’t accept the Preeti font so it must be converted to Unicode to share the post and information. However in our website we have provided you the facility to convert Unicode to Kantipur besides Preeti font. To help others know about this you can copy and paste the link in your websites. The link is provided below as well.

To use Unicode to Preeti Converter use the following code

<iframe src="https://unicode-to-preeti.meropen.com/" width="100%" height="600" style="border:none;">