Another virus, MonkeyPix, is spreading around the world.

Another virus, MonkeyPix, is spreading around the world.

The growing epidemic of the corona virus has drawn the attention of many around the world. The monkeypox virus, which is found in West and Central Africa, has reached 12 countries in the United Kingdom, Europe and the .

The monkeypox virus was first observed in monkeys under research in 1958. The man was first seen in the Congo in 1970. The last time a person from Nigeria was diagnosed with the monkeypox virus was in Singapore in 2019.

The World Health Organization has so far confirmed monkeypox infection in more than 80 people in 12 countries. Another 50 people are being investigated on suspicion of infection.

So far, the monkeypox virus has been reported in the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Italy and Sweden.

According to doctors, the source of the virus infection is not certain. Infection has also been found in people who have not been in contact with monkeypox infected. Experts estimate that MonkeyPix has reached the community level due to the lack of travel history of infected people in the UK.

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