Sharmila Tagore and Sara Ali Khan lookalike Nepali model raped for 6 months

Sharmila Tagore and Sara Ali Khan lookalike Nepali model raped for 6 months

Social media was all flooded with one news, just a day ago. I actually did not give much attention to what was being posted. After getting glimpse of those pictures, celebrity and fashion scandals quite repeatedly, my curiosity was hyped. It was in Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok. These are four most social medias I use with 28,000 + likes to my facebook page and 49,000 subscribers in my YouTube channel, though I have less following in Twitter and TikTok.

TikTok was the last platform I spotted the appeal for justice for being raped 8 years ago during her sixteens after winning a beauty competition or similar of that kind of pageant. She was Sushmita Regmi-a childhood artist aspiring to be a super model, actor and even fashion icon. She was invited to success party. According to her, the party turned into her worst nightmares after being dosed with substance by one of reputed photographer and program organizer. Since, then being blackmailed to surface her nude sexual pictures to media by the perpetrators, she was continuously asked for sexual abuse until she decided to share that secret to her the then boyfriend.

And, now she is asking for justice when even therapist and professional psychologist started to make fun of her, boy friends mocked her for being raped and treated her roughly only to end their relationships finally. Slandering with profane words, she revealed of former Miss Nepal too had not been willing to help her, after she shared the secret abuses. All this full story upto 20 parts TikTok videos is found in #Sushikhanajaneho. She is found sharing her traumas, suicidal attempts, deceptions from her boyfriends and people she admired i glamour industryn.

Well, she looked like young Sharmila Tagore and her daughter Soha Ali Khan, with no dimples. Sharmila Tagore had been entitled as bold lady of late Bollywood due to her bikini shoots and styles. She made lot of contribution to fashion and beauty industry. Whereas, her lookalike Sushmita Regmi, was cut short of her aspiration of similar sort after meeting unexpected sexual abuse by her seniors and deception from people she admired.

Here is the total traumatic experience shared by her pleading for justice. This is in Nepali version. Hope she would share her full story in english one day.


Writer: Thomas Bogaty

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