How to Build a Social Media Following (and turn it into sales)?

How to Build a Social Media Following (and turn it into sales)?

If you have a retail store and you’re struggling to use social media to get sales, here is how you fix it.
People ask me this A LOT. “Mike, I have a retail store, and I sell <enter any retail goods you like>, how do I market in on social media to get more sales?
I could carbon copy the answer, by the way.
You can pick any retail product you like. Whether you sell shoes, skincare, healthy food, pet supplies, premium alcohol, tools, sports gear … whatever!
The answer is always going to be the same.
You know the biggest secret of marketing on social? Heck, it’s the biggest secret in ethical business as well…
Always provide value!
That’s it!
If you share posts that show how to use your product correctly.
Or post which products are the right ones to use under different conditions.
Or do product reviews and recommendations.
Or showcase people using your products at home and what results they had.
There are so many businesses just blasting out promotional messages that if you actually provide relevant, useful content, people will like you and follow you on social media.
You will differentiate yourself from the rest.
Suddenly your brand will become the “cool one”—the one to follow.
So stand out, be helpful, and people will follow you. And when they are ready and need your product, they will come to you first.
I’ve put together a free cheat sheet of what you can share on social media to keep your followers engaged. If you to grab a free copy, just comment below, and I’ll get it over to you.

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