Don’t be discouraged

Don't be discouraged. Do you know why?

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Don’t be discouraged. Do you know why? Your cheap life can be a dream for another person. Don’t make life so cheap that two-penny people play games against you. GOD does not create anything meaningless. Pray like this, forgive everyone before you listen to anyone and God will forgive you before you wake up, Forgiveness is a medicine that heals internal wounds, connects and strengthens relationships. Forgiveness forgets and shows you the new path of life. Life is such a book of thousands pages of which you have not read yet. There is still more to come. There are two ways to live life. One is to get what you like and achieve it. Other is to learning to say good to that things that you have already achieved in life. Every commodity has a price, but a person is valued after his death. We trust many things but someone breaks that trust. That teach us trust should be done with a lot of thought and consideration

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