Nelson Mandela’s forgivness to his abussive jailor

Nelson Mandela's forgiveness to his abusive jailer

Nelson Mandela once went to restaurant along with is security guard after he became president of South Africa. Every order their favorite dish and started patiently for their food. At the same there was one person waiting for food close to chair where Mandela was seated. So, Mandela asked his security guard to invite the person to his table. Everyone started to eat after meal was given to them according to the order they had made. The person too started to have food. But his hands and body was shivering while eating the food. He was perspiring and sweat ran through his forehead. After eating the meal, the person hurried and went outside with his head bowed down. Soon after the person went out security official told Nelson Mandela, “Honorable President, the person seem to be very sick. His body and hands were shivering continuously during the meal time. The sweat was running down his face too. He was in panic as well.”

Mandela replied, “The man was you are thinking about is not shivering because of any illness. The person was actually a jailor where I was imprisoned.” Mandela added, “I would ask for water due to unbearable pain when this person tortured me but this person would urinate in my mouth.” Mandela said further, “Now I am President. May be thoughts ran over him that I would treat him in the same manner. But my characters is not like that. What I think is, development doesn’t happen when we work with the feeling of revenge but it only leads towards destruction. Only with patience and tolerant mentality we can progress towards development.”

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