Health benefits of guava leaf

1. Heals diarrhea: According to the research conducted by one medical center in Brazil drinking guava leaf tea reduces the stomach pain and heals diarrhea quickly. Consuming boiled water of guava leaf and roots heals diarrhea more quickly.

2. Reduces bad cholesterol

3. Increases metabolism and converts every food’s nutrition consumed to energy required for body.

4. Diabetes benefits: Various enzymes in guava’s leaf converts carbohydrates into glucose when guava leaf tea is consumed.

5. Reduces fat: Regular intake of guava leaf tea reduces weight quickly.

6. Works against cancer: Indian doctor Anju Sud said the abundant antioxidant laikopin found in guava leaf reduces the risk of breast, prostate and mouth cancer. Various other research asserts laikopin reduced risk of cancer.

7. Heal cough and cold: The guava leaf contains abundant Vitamin C and iron nutrition. It helps to fight against the illness of respiratory system and lungs.

8. Abundance Vitamin C removes the pimples.

9. Brings brightness in skin. Guava leaf contains abundant astringent properties. The lotion of guava leaf applied in face skin makes the muscles tight and reduces the wrinkles.

10. Stops the hair fall. The guava leaf boiled and then cooled for the whole when mixed with fenugreek applied to hair reduces the hair fall. This lotion removes the dandruff and prevents the whitening of hair. The hair fallen starts to grow.

11. Reduces the toothache. According to Nutritionist Ansul Jayabharat in Delhi guava leaf reliefs the toothache. It’s lotion can be applied in gums and teeth which will protect from various types of mouth diseases.

12. It helps to fight against insomnia. Doctor Ashutosh Gautam of Baidhynath has said regular guava leaf tea frees from sleeplessness.

13. Increases ability to fight against the diseases. According to claims of Doctor Anju Sudh from Bangalore the guava leaf tea increases the disease resistant ability and protects from dangers of diseases.

14. It helps to keep healthy heart and blood flow. 15. It helps to maintain mental health. As per Doctor Manoj Kumar Ahoja the Vitimin B3 (Niacin) and B6 found in guava leaf improves the blood flow in brain cells and increases efficiency of works in brain. Special Benefit: Chew two guava leaves daily in empty stomach before you brush teeth and shallow it. Then you will being to see the miracle.

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