Good News: The 74-year-old cancer patient also recovered from the corona

A 74-year-old man with lung cancer in Chitwan has recovered from Corona.

He was treated at Bharatpur Hospital. He and his wife were discharged on Friday. Pramod Poudel informed.

About a month ago, the old man and his wife were diagnosed with the infection. He returned to India with his family after undergoing treatment for cancer.

After returning home, Corona tested positive for the infection in his wife and the elderly.

As soon as the infection was confirmed, he was admitted to Bharatpur Hospital in isolation. The infection was later confirmed in his son who came from India with him.

The son had already been discharged and returned home. Dr. According to Poudel, the elderly man had a cough and his wife had diarrhea for three days.

“It simply came to our notice then. He said that it was a great achievement for the cancer patients to return home after defeating Corona.

Poudel said that the old man was treated under special care as he had been suffering from cancer from the very beginning.

‘We gave him antibiotics, citamole and allergy medicine to prevent other infections,’ he said. According to the hospital, their health condition is normal.

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