Careful with those on top|| 15 Seconds Wisdom

People are always careful with things kept on top. They usually don’t put brittle and easily broken things on top of the cupboard, kitchen rack and ceiling heights fearing slightest of shaking might cause things to fall and break into pieces. Things like potteries, glass,eggs and porcelain products on heights should be handled with care because when it fall it is destined to break. Once broken, it can never be repaired. The weak and breakable things can be kept on top with only some security mechanisms to avoid damage beyond repair. People with selfish lusts and eccentric are breakable. They get easily hurt no matter how much others try to please them. Apology does not work here because the person is broken for ever with unforgiving broken heart. The way to keep them secure is by fulfilling their selfish lusts and egos so that their pride height will never be broken. Even goodness in others breaks such person. See how breakable they are! So be careful with things and people with top pride. If goodness hurts and break people, nothing can repair and heal them.

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